10 August 2008


So, this is definitely a scheduled post, but it's definitely at the exact time my flight to MIT is scheduled to leave a week from now!

On one hand, I am excited beyond measure. DME is going to be amazing, and so will everything else. But, I'm also sort of freaking out because OH MY GOODNESS I'M LEAVING FOR COLLEGE AND I'LL BE 2,700 MILES AWAY FROM HOME.

I really need to try and be a lot more zen about this.

Time for more packing. Figuring out suitcase logistics might just save my sanity.


Jeremy said...

Would you say you are more excited or more nervous about being away from home?

KelseyK said...

Hmmm... good question.
Right now? Excited to be away from home.
Overall? Kind of nervous. But still pretty excited.