18 August 2008

Good morning from Cambridge!

Holy crap, I just woke up at MIT...

This is a really strange feeling, not going to lie. It's just really strange to think that I am actually here. I'm a student at MIT. Weird. I still don't know if I could say that in everyday conversation. This is just some place you always hear about - you never actually go to it.

Except I'm here right now. Without a lot of my stuff. I'm waiting for all of it to be shipped, so I have to go about two weeks without a lot of things. And I mean a lot. When you try to pack a majority of your life into boxes and suitcases, you realize that you own a lot of crap. I now know that I have way too many shoes, way too many clothes, and not enough organizational capabilities. My big suitcase was exactly 50 pounds, and my smaller one is completely full of shoes. And I mean completely full. I'm one of those over-planners where I sit there and go, "Well, if this happens, I'm going to need this. But if that happens, I'm going to need that... Hmmm... Might as well pack 'em both!" This creates some problems because I take a lot of stuff everywhere (Take a look in my purse or backpack. You'll see what I mean.) and lugging around all that stuff isn't helping me build any sweet guns (carrying water buckets at camp, however...). And sweet guns would be nice.

My dorm room is... interesting. It's got a ton of modular furniture in it, and it seems really empty right now. I don't know that I'll actually get to keep this room after the readjustment lottery, but I wouldn't mind it. It's kind of long and narrow, but there's some amazing views of the playing fields and the Boston skyline. Speaking of which, it's really bright here at night. I mean, I know it's a city, but it's going to take some getting-used-to. Anyway. So, my dorm seems really empty because my roommate, Tess, doesn't get here until the 22nd, and I just have a couple suitcases and my sleeping bag (because there's no point in sheets and all that jazz if I have to move again) and my computer. And the linoleum floor isn't exactly cozy. But I do like Simmons quite a lot, and being on the 10th floor is nowhere near as bad as I thought it would be. I just complain a lot.

I kind of miss everyone back home. Wait, that came out wrong. Well, I do miss you guys, and it's already strange to not be around a ton of people that I've known since Kindergarten and whatnot, but I'm not at all homesick. Which is a good thing. Although, right now it just feels like it's camp or something - it doesn't feel like I'm here long-term. But I can tell that things are going to be amazing, so me being homesick is something we want to avoid, right? Right.

Oh, and it's really strange to be on Eastern Time. Seriously, it's like 5 AM back home, but I've been wide awake for a couple of hours now. There's no one to talk to online! It's just strange to have to calculate to figure out what time it is for everybody else. And I'm going to have to do this a lot. Well, I guess I'll get used to it...

So, I'm going to go get ready for my FPOP, and I'll leave you with a view from one of my many windows here in my Simmons dorm.

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