19 May 2008


To go or not to go?

I really can't decide if I want to go to Interphase this summer. (For those of you not familiar, it's essentially an MIT summer school to make sure you have enough of the basics if your school didn't have strong programs.)

On one hand, I should probably go because otherwise I can end up being completely screwed by the work in the fall. It would also allow me to get used to MIT and Boston before real classes actually start. Also, there are apparently activities on the weekends and I could earn some academic credit if I do well enough.

Conversely, my gut is telling me I shouldn't go. I could get there and find the work easy and be bored all summer long. I also am not such a huge fan of obscenely-structured events, and this sounds pretty structured. I'm pretty burned out from this school year as well.

My gut reaction isn't always right. But I really don't know what to do otherwise.

Something tells me I really need sleep to be able to make this decision. By tomorrow (that's when they need to know tentative travel plans if you have to miss any of the program).

This is definitely a lesson - I should check my e-mail more often. Apparently the e-mails alerting me to these things were sent last Thursday. And I didn't check those accounts until this morning in my third period class.

Crap. And I still need to finish filling out my ballot.

must. sleep.

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