31 January 2008

Snow Days

Okay, so Oregon got a ton of snow dumped on it over the past few months, so I figured I'd post some pictures. I don't have any from the last storm, mostly because I was so frustrated with the snow I refused to make any record of it.

This was from the first storm of the school year, but it didn't yield any snow days. Which was sad.

This was the snow storm that added an extra day to our Winter Vacation. I don't think anyone had a single complaint about that.

I don't recall that we got a "Snow Day" with this storm (1-15-08) but we did get at least a 2-hour delay out of it because I remember taking this on my way to school...

This was from the same day as the previous picture, but from a different location...

Okay, so this wasn't from any particular storm, but it is snow so I thought I would include it. I took it at Trillium Lake up at Mt. Hood when I went Cross-Country Skiing with my friend's Girl Scout troop.

This latest snow storm forced a snow day this past Monday, and Tuesday and Wednesday should have been, too. It took me over an hour to get to school yesterday morning, mostly because in some spots up at my house (particularly in my driveway) there's over a foot of accumulated snow. My dad had to push my car up the driveway because my poor car, Harold (a '95 Saturn SL2), is too low to the ground.

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