09 August 2010

It's the Little Things

Most of the time, I miss the obvious things about MIT: my friends, challenging classes, La Verde's infinite selection of drinks, Boston's awesomeness. Every now and then, though, something little catches me off guard and I spend the rest of the day pining for the T and Sebastians sandwiches.

Today: chirping at a crosswalk.

I was biking to class, and as I was stopped at an intersection, I heard that familiar chirping noise. I was oddly disappointed when it seemed to stop short, and then I realized I wasn't standing at 77 Mass Ave, waiting to rush across four lanes to get to a class or meeting. And then I really realized I wasn't standing at 77 Mass Ave and wouldn't get to for a while (at least not as a legit MIT student).


Anonymous said...

:/ What term are you applying to come back?

That photo is absolutely gorgeous, by the way.

KelseyK said...

I'm probably going to apply to come back next spring, but there are a lot of factors that are going to come into play, not all of which are remotely stable at the moment. :(

And thanks! It's one of my favorite photos I have of MIT. :)