03 May 2010

Take Me Back to the Tech

Week six has just started here at Oregon State, which means that I've spent the last six weeks wishing I were back at MIT. Don't get me wrong, I like living in Corvallis, I love being near family and friends, and it's a nice break. Unfortunately, it's too much of a break.

My classes leave a little something to be desired. I tried to take fun classes, and to some degree they are, but they're far from intellectually stimulating. Ornithology is just a different application of really basic biology principles; Wine in the Western World lectures usually consist of our professor going off on a lot of tangents about yeast. Dendrology is interesting and very memorization-intensive, but isn't necessarily anything new to me. Continental European Literature is proving to the most difficult of my classes simply because there's a high volume of reading and lengthy class discussions where I have only minor things to contribute. I don't have homework, just a lot of reading to get through. There are a few papers coming up, however, so that should break up the monotony a little. Moral of the story: I'm bored. As much as MIT made me feel like I wasn't learning anything because it was over-the-top challenging and there was too much to do, I would take it any day over feeling this bored. Fortunately the term ends soon, and then I'll be taking a couple of classes this summer that are hopefully a bit more difficult (vector calculus and general physics with calculus).

In general, life has been pretty busy. It's just been school, sleep, cleaning my apartment, and seeing friends on occasion. I wish I had a more exciting update for all of you that still actually read this, but that's all that's been going on!


Aditi said...

I'm suffering from MIT withdrawal too :|

This is completely random but I watched this movie called 500 days of summer yesterday and the girl (Summer) looks just like you!

I hope your summer is awesome :)

KelseyK said...

MIT withdrawal is pretty terrible!

Hahaha, I get that all the time about looking like her. I still don't see it myself, but I'll take it. :)

My summer is shaping up to be alright, I hope your's is going well!