14 May 2009

Dead Week Deadness

I'm alive, I promise.

Quick updates:

Finals week is next week. As such, I'm fairly stressed over studying and papers, etc. I don't really have time to think.

Allergy season is in full swing here in Boston. Consequently, I've basically been feeling like crap for the past couple of weeks, and over the counter medication was not cutting it at all. Flonase for the win!

I saw Dan Deacon live with my friend Zoe last night. Let's just say that man is a god/genius/wonderful human being, and I wish I had that kind of power over people. I guess I just need to invest in a vocoder? A detailed post is coming, I promise. I also saw the Thermals last week, and despite being squished up against the monitors, it was totally worth it - such an amazing show!

Just wanted to let you all know I haven't dropped on the face of the earth, and that I'll be posting real, legit posts in about a week, after my 18.01 and 7.014 finals are over and I'm packed and ready to head home. I have a lot of fun stuff to write about, and when I have time and I'm not thinking about integrals and Taylor series and recombinant DNA all the time, I'll post again!

MIT students: Good luck with your finals! And freshman, enjoy your last week of the year! One down, three to go...

Just a sneak peek of things to come!

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