30 April 2009

Maintaining Sanity While Finishing P-Sets

The key: MUSIC.

I had around 5300 songs in my music library. After spending some time on You Ain't No Picasso and the Hood Internet, I have around 150 new tracks, meaning that I have new music that I'm not bored with (yes, I'm a freak and get bored with the 5000+ songs I have on my computer...).

Among them: Webbie vs. Black Moth Super Rainbow from the Hood Internet. Basically, I'm a fan. I also really liked the mix of Beyonce's "Single Ladies" and Fleet Foxes's "Ragged Wood".

Anything else on the Hood Internet site is great, as well. I don't really know any of the rap songs they mix with, but I know (and own) virtually every single other song they mix with.

Another fun site: We Are Hunted. It's an online music chart that tracks mentions of songs in blogs, on Twitter, and the like. The weekly chart is kind of bad (Britney Spears? Really?), but the emerging/daily chart is usually pretty good! It's essentially an easy way to hear new music without having to visit a million different sites...

Okay, enough with the music talk. I promise that a real post is on the way - this week is a little busy/stressful. Plus, my allergies are acting up (I don't have swine flu, I promise!) and I really don't feel like doing much of anything... Soon, promise!

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