05 November 2008

Election Update

Like I said before, I wasn't really partial to either candidate (I liked McCain for some reasons, and disliked him for some reasons. I liked Obama for some reasons and disliked him other reasons.), but I will say that things are kind of exciting. Maybe it's because it was one of the most historic elections in American history (if not THE most historic), and I got to participate.

So, some updates on election results. I think we've all heard this:
As for the local results back home, things are still close. I guess they're pretty much done counting votes there, but I am still holding out hope for the school bond.

Senate race:
Yes, I know the votes are still pretty close. And as of 12:05 AM PST, they still hadn't counted votes in Multnomah County. So this should be interesting.
Source: www.katu.com

School Bond: [The Statesman Journal website was the same as it was last night, so I think KATU's results are a little bit more accurate. Sorry for the change in resources!]
Source: www.katu.com
I don't think we have to worry about double-majority with this anymore, because double-majority has screwed over the school district's attempts at passing a bond before, but I sincerely hope that it wins. There's really a small difference in votes, but I guess when you consider the size of the community voting, 97 votes is kind of a considerable margin. Which is really sad. The results haven't been officially called it looks like, so I am still holding onto that one small shred of hope I have that my community back home will be smart and pass the school bond because school facilities are simply not adequate. If it fails, I might just write another letter to the editor of the paper back home. Maybe instead of it taking up four or five columns, I'll aim for six or seven this time.

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