13 October 2008

Update on ze Foot

So I decided on Friday night/Saturday morning that I would go to MIT Medical if my foot was still hurting on Sunday evening. Because I am a lame person (no pun intended)/tend to ignore damaged limbs for longer than I should, I didn't go to Medical on Sunday night, despite the fact that my foot hurts like none other.

Tonight I went down to the ground floor of Simmons to get some ice because that really helped earlier this weekend. By the time I got back up to the tenth floor, I was in some major pain. I had definitely waited too long. I stuffed the bags of ice I had gotten into the small freezer box in the mini fridge in my room, grabbed some homework and my laptop, and headed out to trek over to Medical.

I hobbled over there, and before I knew it I was in an exam room, having a doctor poking my foot (it went a lot faster than I expected). Now, while I was slowly making my way to the complete opposite end of campus where Medical is, I was once again trying to think of what could be making my foot hurt this bad. And then I remembered.

I stubbed my toe.

Yep. I don't remember what it was I stubbed my toe on, but I distinctly remember being in a lot of pain, nearly crying, then telling myself to suck it up and deal with it.

The doctor at Medical asked me the usual questions:
"What's wrong?"
"Well, my foot really hurts..."
"How long has it been hurting?"
"Since last weekend, but it's gotten a lot more intense the past four days or so..."
"I really don't know why it would be hurting right there..."
"Maybe I could have sprained it? Though I don't really know how..."
"Have you had any trauma to the area?"
"Well, I did stub my toe pretty hard last weekend, but I didn't really think much of it..."
"Well... that would do it... I'll order x-rays, and you can go to radiology tomorrow anytime after 9 AM."

So they think I might have broken my foot. Which is an epic fail, because I am on my feet a lot here. Everything is at least a 15 minute walk away, or upstairs. Oh, and a week from now I'll be walking all over Indianapolis and Chicago for the annual FFA National Convention... This is kind of inconvenient timing. Just a little.



desiderata said...

that sounds really painful
way to be a trooper all through harvard though

KelseyK said...

Hahaha... It is really painful... Thanks though! Harvard was worth it. :)