05 August 2008


So, I love Goodwill.

The Goodwill in McMinnville (the nearest town with multiple stoplights...) doesn't really have a good selection of clothing, or any other item, really. Except music. Now, I'm sure I could find a better selection at a Goodwill in Portland, but for some odd reason, our little Goodwill has some amazing things pop up in the music section.

I'm going to blame this on the proximity of Linfield College, and in turn, a large number of young students, but I guess I really don't care why it happens, it just does. I've come across so many promotional copies of CDs, and really random vinyl albums. 12" Yaz single, still in the original plastic wrap and the 1987 price sticker? Overwhelming amounts of Billy Joel (I only bought one, I promise...)? A Rutles 45? Yessums! It's really a beautiful thing... I definitely paid only $2.50 for six 45s this afternoon, which is great because I can now go home and put them on my computer...

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