22 August 2008

Robots Robots Robots

Wow. For a while there, I lost track of what day it was. This past week has been flying by. DME has us on the go for what seems like every second of the day. We're always in the lab soldering away on our robots, or we're eating, or we're off somewhere in Boston exploring and learning a bajillion (a highly scientific quantity) new things. I don't know if I can really remember enough to blog it all sequentially. But, I'll try.

Tuesday night, after working in the Pappalardo lab all day on our robots, we had a delicious dinner, and then a group of us went out for ice cream at J.P. Licks. Oh my goodness, it was delicious. Afterward, we (okay, we being Omar and I) really wanted to go see the Apple store up on Boylston. Because, well, it's just amazing. For your viewing pleasure, here's a picture of the staircase. (It was at night, and I couldn't really get a good picture outside. But know that it's three stories, all glass, and just plain beautiful. And they better be able to fix my computer.)

After popping into the Apple store, we trekked back over to Newbury street and visited the famous Newbury Comics.

Now, back in Portland, there's Music Millennium. This place has wonderful CDs, and a random assortment of fun stuff. Newbury comics, however, has vinyl galore, beautifully priced CDs (It was cheaper for me to buy Gang of Four's Entertainment! here, even with tax, than it was to buy it at Music Millenium. And I'm still supporting a local record store.), fabulous movies (They even had Brazil within eight feet of the store entrance on an end-cap display!), and a million other things that I am completely in love with right now.

The next day we spent more time in the lab, and in the afternoon, we headed out to Georges Island. Basically, there's a fort on this small island out in the harbor and they've got a little park area inside it. I'll just post some pictures for you of the park area and our explorations!

After finally making it back from the island (the ferry took forever to come out to the island), we were off to mentor dinners. Pretty much, the mentors were all going to different places for dinner, and we could go with any one of them. I decided to go with the group that headed to Harvard Square for some Mexican and Cajun food at the Border Cafe. It was an interesting combo, but the meal I had was delicious! Definitely going back...

Okay, I will pick up again with Thursday's activities tomorrow, because I am really tired right now and this is what I get for not blogging for several days during the craziest time of my life... Things get a little behind. Sorry about that...
More later!

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