30 July 2008

You have no idea how pissed I am right now.

Why is it that any time I blog about anything relating to the Apple Store, I am super-angry and its always about how my computer is broken. I will say that the first time I was impressed by the customer service, but this is just getting ridiculous.

My computer is broken again. So, the internet wasn't working for a while, but as soon as the guy at the genius bar opened Safari, it was working. What the hell?! But they told me that they were going to replace my topcase because it's broken AGAIN, but it was going to take 1-3 days. It definitely took an hour last time, and I live 1.5 hours away from this store, so I flat out said that wasn't going to work. And so it's taking four hours now. And my friend Ashlee and I have exhausted every possible source of entertainment in this mall. We ate out of boredom, I found new glasses, we went bra shopping, we went clothes shopping, and my friend is missing her dad's birthday because of my damn computer.

And their iPod touches won't let me blog on them, so that's my explanation for the last post.



Anonymous said...


Uh oh. I'm sorry. What's your computer doing?

Vivi said...

I'm not going to be my typical Apple-hating self because that's kind of salt-in-the-wound =/ I hope your computer troubles can come to an end soon; as someone who uses her computer as lifeline, I can definitely sympathize with the frustration of a non-functioning machine x_x

Elisa Lehto said...

I have your staff yearbook!!
Paycheck is in the mail. :)

I'll try to mail the yearbook soon... unless your in the Corvallis-y area sometime soon again.

KelseyK said...

@Piper - it was refusing to connect to a server, even if it claimed it had a full wireless signal. I think it ended up being that my computer just didn't play nice with that network. Unfortunately, the network is at a favorite coffee shop of mine, so it's not fun.

@Vivi - thanks for that. :) Non-functioning machines drive me crazy!

@Elisa - YEA! As for the staff yearbook, it looks like I'll be coming to the Corvallis-y area sometime soon, at the request of numerous people... :)

Anonymous said...

Ah, wasn't working at a coffeeshop? Might I make a suggestion? Ask one of the employees. You're probably not the first Mac user to walk in and have problems, maybe it's a common issue there =P